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We are Japanese company for introducing wonderful industrial products made in Japan.
And we are testing what kinds of products are required.
So, if you need more information about the product or request it, please contact us.
Thanks you, Yours sincerely.                                

Chisel, Hammer, Pliers, Taps & Die, Wrench, Other Hand Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Other Power Tools, Hand Tool Set, Tool Part Grinding Wheel, abrasives tools, Sanding Disc, Cutting Tools, Carbide Tools, Safety Gloves, Mechanical Parts, Measuring & Gauging Tools, Temperature Instruments, Testing Equipment, Other Measuring & Analysing Instruments, Indsutrial Tools Supplies, Tokyo, Japan"

Our Products
FUJI POLISHER (flat type) Abrasive DIAMOND FILES(Triangular)
Fine Touch Sand Wheel Super green
FUJIKEN SAFETY (No.5) FUJIKEN SAFETY (No.3) Diamond imprenated dressers
Diamond/CBN cutting wheels Resin bond diamond wheels for carbide tools Super basket SB-370 Green
MR. Toolholder MH-71 MR.Tool bag tool bucket MB-240H 'Super BOX SR-385(Blue)
'Exclusive use medium-sized dish for Super BOX great One-Two-Three Tool bag black T-500M Parts BOX RSP-360A(Blue)
ESD Form(10 sheets, for B-138) F-7 'Arm loupe L-677 Air duster (460G) Z-283
Crimping tool P-743 Desktop degaussing device HC-56 Soft-tip tweezers P-610-G
Solder blotting machine HS-801 Temperature-controlled soldering iron HS-51 Parts cabinet B-405
ESD Part case B-17-BB Precision nipper 100MM N-55 recision screwdriver set D-20
Tool case B-80 Soldering iron checker DT-570 Clean booths CL-901
Chassis punch set K-83 Knock pin punch set (8pcs) 9.5sq short hex. Bit socket set( 9pcs.)
Insulated tool set Double-flex ratchet box end wrench set (5 pcs.) Offset wrench set (6 pcs.)
Profit tool offset wrench & open end wrench set (6 pcs.) Digital ratchet 12.7sq T type TORX bit socket set (7 pcs.)
Plastic grip screwdriver set (8pcs.) Rider maintenance tool set Set of small file (5 pcs.)
Open end wrench set ( 8 pcs.) Ceramic and stainless scraper set (2 pcs.) DIGI-PRO depth gauge
Imapct T-type torx wrench set (5 pcs.) Socket wrench set Socket wrench set
25.4sq L shape handle 19.0sq Spinner handle 12.7 Socket wrench set (14 pcs.)
Engine hanger for shock absorbing body Armature bearing puller Tire air gauge 500kpa
Boot band cutter Ball joint separater (offset type) plier Brake service tool set (6 pcs.)
Oil grainer 80L MIERUKUN Drive chain tool set Slide hammer puller attachment set(5 pcs)
Fender cover with magnet
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